The Boat

1976 Catalina 30

panache |p??naSH, -?näSH|


1 flamboyant confidence of style or manner: he entertained Palm Springs society with great panache .

2 historical a tuft or plume of feathers, esp. as a headdress or on a helmet.

ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from French, from Italian pennacchio, from late Latin pinnaculum, diminutive of pinna ‘feather.’

PANACHE has been my home and my love since she was launched new in 1978. I have sailed her through Mexico, the South Pacific, and Australia for seven years. She has taken me to many of the most beautiful places on earth. She is an experienced  passage maker and is ready to go again. Sailing through the ocean with Panache has given me some of the greatest pleasures of my live, and sharing my travels with my friends and relatives has give me a joy that could only happen once in a live time.
- Tonny Barra, previous owner

Hull Dimensions:

  • LOA - 29' 11"
  • LWL - 25'
  • Beam - 10' 10"
  • Displacement - 10,200 lbs
  • Ballast - 4,250 lbs

Sail Inventory:

  • 7 oz. Simbad Main with 3 reefs, Flatting reef and Cunningham, Triple stitched with draft stripe
  • 2.2oz Simbad 165%drifter with sheets
  • 4.5oz Simbad 165% #1Genoa
  • 7oz Simbad 120%Genoa with draft strips and 1/2" sheets, On deck jib bag
  • 8oz 90% Simbad small jib, with sheets
  • 8oz Storm Jib with sheets
  • 8oz Storm Tri sail
  • 3/4oz Radial Head Spinnaker with sheets and forguys

Navigation Inventory:

  • Furuno 16 mile radar on custom SS mount with gimbaled for radome
  • Furuno built in GPS linked to radar
  • Chart plotter WAAS and chip from San Francisco to most of Mexico
  • West Marine VHF radio 25 watt
  • ICOM 707 Ham/SSB high seas radio with automatic tuner and insulated backstay
  • Nexus Mast mounted apparent wind / speed indicator with spare mast head unit
  • Nexus speed/depth indicator with spare through hull fitting
  • Chart form LA to Australia and most of the South Pacific

Safety Gear:

  • 406 MHz GPS EPIRB
  • Revere Costal Compact Four man liferaft